MW from Wales wrote:-

I am very pleased with the results. The tl2p have added the extra clarity I was hoping for and many extra details in recordings are coming out. The bass is somewhat clearer and better suited to my room I think. It is still a warm sound so very appealing. Sound staging is wide and it all seems pretty "fast".

I have been provoking them with an old recording of an organ symphony, one I know and love. They handle the very low bass pedal notes very well and go surprisingly loud! Upper string tones can be threadbare, but the result is very musical with these speakers.
I think either some changes are still going on as they have been running for less than an hour, or my ears are still adapting. Perhaps both!

As I said when I visited you, your construction is faultless, they are beautifully and tastefully finished. Thank you very much for the painstaking effort which has gone into them. I couldn't recommend your service more highly.
Naitphile from the artofsound.net website wrote :- 

Workmanship - the photos do not do justice to Richard's veneering skills - they are very nice pieces of furniture. The edging is particularly nice and the lacquering is of a high professional standard. This is not the kind of finish I am used to in my history of budget/mid-priced speakers. I had considered making the kit up myself and while it may have been fun; it is apparent there was no way, as a one off attempt, I would have produced a cabinet of this quality.