IPL provide 5 models of transmission lines to accommodate different room sizes and requirements. I can provide any of these speakers in a range of different finishes to suit your needs. 

Full details are available from  IPL Acoustics , but here is a summary of the Transmission Line range

 Kit    Id        Description    Typical Price
 1  M1tlm Ribbon  Suggested room size 10 x 12ft or eq  £1150
 2  S2tlm RT1.3WE Ribbon  Suggested room size 14 x 12ft or eq  £1350
 3  S2tlP CD3.0 Ribbon  Suggested room size 14 x 12ft or eq  £1350
 4  S4tl Kevlar  Suggested room size 17 x 12ft or eq  £1550

As an example of speakers I've created see the pictures below :-


The black grille cloth-covered speakers are my own. They would not suit everyone, but fit in well with my living room which has a matching Blue Pearl granite fireplace. Instead of granite or marble, wood could be used as a top covering /plinth. As an alternative I can finish the cabinets in any available veneer. The other speakers shown are veneered in Maple with a satin lacquer.

As far as costs are concerned, the final price will depend on model and finish required. As an example, a veneered pair of S2 tIms would be in the region of £1200. I doubt whether a comparable floorstander could be bought for less than £3,000. I believe that, for some people, they will be the best speakers that they have ever heard. Come and have a listen and decide for yourself.