IPL Acoustics

Ivan of IPL Acoustics  provides the TL speaker kits and in my opinion, Ivan’s speakers are one of the best kept secrets in the speaker industry. It is widely acknowledged that the transmission line design is probably one of the best available, but with the exception of PMC, no other manufacturer in the U.K uses it since it is relatively expensive to produce and, of course, everyone is making speakers to a price. By carefully selecting the drivers and putting them into a well designed enclosure, Ivan is able produce speakers of exceptional quality which compare very favourably with the best commercial speakers, If you haven’t heard a good transmission line speaker with a ribbon tweeter you owe it both to your ears and wallet to have a listen if you possibly can! Up until now Ivan’s products have only been available for D.I.Y’ers who have the necessary skills to build speakers. He has never had the time to produce finished products, which is where I can help. I enjoy building speakers to a professional standard and would be prepared to build any of Ivan’s kits and finish them to your specifications.

Have a look at Ivan’s website (IPL acoustics .co. uk). All his speakers are superb but final selection will depend on your particular requirements and room size. I am sure that Ivan will be happy to give you any advice you may need and would not mind letting you hear any of his range if you live near enough to lllfracombe. I will, of course, be able to demonstrate some of his speakers in Cardiff.