Alchemy Loudspeakers

 For very high quality custom-built Hi-Fi and Home Cinema Loudspeakers at affordable prices
Welcome to my website - you have found not only the source of the best value for money loudspeakers on the planet, but also speakers which are amongst the finest available - regardless of cost. 

I offer high quality, custom-made loudspeakers, using components supplied from IPL acoustistics at extremely cost effective prices. IPL produces a number of different designs, but the speciality is undoubtedly the Transmission Line (TL) which results in very "musical" speakers capable of producing a very natural bass. 

Why choose me?
Although the IPL kits can be assembled by experienced DIYers, I offer a specialised service based on many years experience to give you the best possible product. 

You probably think that anything that is custom made is going to be very expensive, but not in this case. Unlike the ancient alchemists who tried in vain to turn base metal into gold, I can turn pieces of MDF and silver coated oxygen free copper along with carefully selected and matched drivers into something which sounds very special. Realistically this website will only be of interest to people who live within travelling distance of Cardiff or llfracombe because I would not expect anyone to buy speakers without hearing them first. How far are you prepared to travel to obtain something specially made for you at a very reasonable price?