Let me tell you how I got started and what I can offer. I have always been keen on making things myself and since I am interested in Hi-Fl and home cinema it seemed obvious to have a go at making my own speakers. I do not have the abilty to design anything from scratch. but many years ago I met a man who does, Ivan Leslie, who runs IPL Acoustics. He specialises in designing and selling speaker kits and has been in business for many years. I saw one of his adverts and since he lived in Westbury at the time, I went to hear what he had to offer. I was immediately very impressed and gradually built up a full 5.1 system using his  kits. I was very happy with my first pair of Transmission Lines, but when I heard the S2tlp’s with the Fountek ribbon  tweeters I had to have them! I regard speaker building as one of my hobbies and since I have no need to build any more for myself I am willing to build any of Ivan’s designs for anyone who wants me to.  Whilst Ivan also has other designs of speaker available (and very good they are!) I believe that the Transmission Line is the very best type that he has to offer.